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Their sponsorship spanned 18 of the program's 23 years amoxil liquid amoxil overdose amoxil allergy amoxil tablets used for amoxil before dental procedure on the air . [4] Anacin was also a leading sponsor of the television soaps Love of Life, The anacin Secret Storm and in the early years of The Young and the Restless .
Anacin is one of the earliest and best examples of a concerted television marketing amoxil bd xarope amoxil newborns amoxil tablets 250mg amoxil que contiene amoxil vs zithromax amoxil campaign created for them in the late 1950s by Rosser Reeves of the Ted Bates ad agency .
Many people remember the commercials advertising "tension producing" situations, and the "hammers in the head" amoxicillin amoxil generic name amoxil schedule amoxil normal dosage amoxil clav amoxil reaction advert with the slogan "Tension .
" A later Anacin advert (in 1962) featured a mother trying to assist her grown daughter with various chores, such as preparing amoxil infantil amoxicillin amoxil in pregnancy amoxil normal dosage amoxil online uk amoxil a meal .
"Don't you think it needs a little salt?", mother would say, only to have her nerve-racked daughter shout, "Mother, please, I'd rather do it myself!" As the mother wilted, the daughter would emote and rub her head, with her inner voice saying, "Control yourself! Sure, you're tired, amoxil bronchitis amoxil ndc amoxicillin qid amoxil toothache amoxil yogurt amoxil renal dosing you have a headache, but don't take it out on her!" Another commercial had a wife greeting her husband as he pulled into their driveway in his car; the husband responded by yelling "Helen, can't you keep Billy's bike out of the driveway?!?" These advertisement scenarios became popular and were parodied a number of times, including in the Allan Sherman song "Headaches," the 1966 film The Silencers and the 1980 film Airplane .

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